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NZ Bridal Couture: What’s Trending for 2025

The Evolution of Bridal Design As we step out of the 2024 bridal season and look towards 2025, the bridal scene in New Zealand is evolving with a vibrant blend of tradition and innovation. Brides are gravitating towards gowns that reflect their individual style and ethos, with an emphasis on personal identity, cultural diversity, and...

The Art of Custom Bridal Gowns: From Concept to Creation at Vinka Design

In the heart of Auckland lies a bridal atelier unlike any other – Vinka Design. Known for its exquisite custom bridal gowns, they blend the art of traditional gown-making with contemporary design, creating masterpieces that resonate with each bride’s individuality. With a legacy spanning over six decades, Vinka Design stands as a testament to the...

From Veils to Vines: The Vinka Design Bridal Accessories Masterclass

While the gown often takes centre stage, no bridal look is truly complete without the perfect accessories. At Vinka Design, we believe in the harmonious marriage of gown and accessory, each complementing the other in a dance as timeless as love itself. This guide aims to be your trusted companion in choosing accessories that not...

Adriatic Amara: A Journey Back to Vinka Design’s Croatian Roots

A Dream Materialised Ah, Croatia! A land of captivating beauty and rich history, where the azure waves of the Adriatic Sea kiss the sun-soaked coastline. For Vinka Design, it’s more than just a picturesque destination, it’s home. It has always been a cherished dream to return to our roots and capture our bridal collection against...

Discovering Your Perfect Wedding Dress Style with Vinka Design

Every bride possesses a unique style, a singular vision of her wedding day that is as individual as she is. At Vinka Design, we understand this intimately. For over 60 years, we have been crafting beautifully bespoke bridal gowns that celebrate the uniqueness of each bride, honouring her individuality and bringing her bridal dreams to...

Our Label and Creative Director, Anita, Featured in Together Journal

The team at Together Journal sat down with our Creative Director, Anita, at the Atelier to discover the Vinka difference and discuss all things bridal. Words by Emily Simpson, Photography by Erica Jane – No sooner have you popped the champagne and raised a toast to your engagement, then the search begins for That Dress....

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