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We’re Back From Our Shoot in Havana!

What an exciting trip it’s been! We were only in Cuba for 5 nights but we sure packed a lot in. Every day we were shooting to get either the early morning light or later in the day to get the light before sunset, as during the day the sun was too harsh. The heat was hard – poor Helena had to pull of looking cool, elegant and relaxed, and while standing in heels, and Emma, from Sweet Events Photography, was dragging heavy cameras around. Sanet and myself were running water bottles, hair and gowns. We should have gotten more photos of the locals watching our girl work her magic but you always think of these things too late.

Changing gowns in public was down to a fine art by the time we got to the last gown. But the locations! Havana was incredible. So much beauty, so much decay, with magnificent buildings crumbling before our eyes. Old classic American cars in bright colours, the springs and suspension having died years ago! And then there’s the people, who were so very kind to us throughout.

The journey to Cuba was long as we had three different flights both ways, but we can honestly say it was worth it. Truly it was a mammoth effort.

Below are a few photos that I’ve taken to tide us over until the professional photos are finished, but seriously, from the preview of photos I saw that Emma took, they are something else. Hopefully they will be up on the website soon. The problem will be choosing my favorites!

You can see the full Heart of Havana collection here.

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