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We’re Back From Our Shoot in Havana!

What an exciting trip! The journey to Cuba was long as we had to catch three flights each way, but we can honestly say it was worth every minute. We were only in Cuba for five nights but we certainly packed a lot in. Of those five days, we juggled between sunrise and sunset shoots to avoid the harsh, midday sun. While Cuba was absolutely magnificent, the heat was extreme! Not easy for our model, Helena, who had to stand in the blaring sun trying to look cool, relaxed and elegant whilst standing in layers of fabric, and our photographer, Emma, who had to carry heavy camera equipment all over Havana. Sanet and I (Anita) were running water bottles, fixing hair, and styling the gowns. We wish we had got some more photos of the locals watching our girl work her magic in front of the camera! Moving from location to location so quickly didn’t allow for much BTS content but we are so happy with what we got – if only we had a few more hands on deck!

Changing gowns in public was refined to a fine art by the time we got to the final gown. The locals didn’t seem to mind too much, we can imagine it would be quite a spectacle! Speaking of locals, the people we met in Havana were so friendly, lively, and kind. We got lost a few times during our adventures and we were never short of a helping hand. The locations were absolutely magical too. Havana is so unique in the sense that it is almost completely frozen in time. Colonial architecture graces the face of many streets, buildings left untouched for decades, the dereliction stood decadently and maintained an air of beauty despite the decay. Amidst the ancient buildings were old classic American cars in every shade imaginable, livening up the streets with kinetic technicolours.

Below are a few BTS photos that we took to tide us over until the professional photos are finished, but seriously, from the preview of photos I saw that Emma captured, they are something else. Hopefully they will be up on the website soon. The problem will be choosing my favourites!

You can see the full Heart of Havana collection here.

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