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From Veils to Vines: The Vinka Design Bridal Accessories Masterclass

While the gown often takes centre stage, no bridal look is truly complete without the perfect accessories. At Vinka Design, we believe in the harmonious marriage of gown and accessory, each complementing the other in a dance as timeless as love itself. This guide aims to be your trusted companion in choosing accessories that not only elevate your bridal look but also reflect your unique personality.

The Importance of Accessories in Bridal Fashion

Accessories are the unsung heroes of bridal fashion. They add that extra sparkle, that dash of elegance, or that pop of style that makes a bride’s look uniquely hers. Whether it’s a delicate bracelet that catches the light or a dramatic veil that adds a touch of mystery, accessories have the power to transform your bridal look from beautiful to breathtaking.

When to Start Shopping for Accessories

The ideal time to begin your accessory hunt is after you’ve found your dream gown. Your dress serves as the canvas upon which your accessories will shine. At Vinka Design, our expert stylists are on hand to guide you through our curated collection, ensuring that each piece you choose is in perfect harmony with your gown.

Types of Accessories

Let’s delve into the treasure trove of accessories available at Vinka Design.


A bracelet can add a subtle touch of glamour to your bridal look. Whether you opt for a classic pearl design or a modern gold piece, the right bracelet can make your wedding ensemble truly shine. Take a look at our range here.

Amelia bracelet - Bridal accessories from Vinka Design


This exquisite bridal bracelet exudes timeless elegance and sophisticated charm, perfect for enhancing the bridal ensemble. Crafted with lustrous pearls and encrusted with dazzling crystals, this piece is designed to add a touch of glamour to your special day.


For brides seeking to make a royal statement, a crown is the perfect choice. From intricate floral designs to vintage-inspired pieces, our range of bridal crowns are designed to make you feel like the queen you are.

Featured Crowns:


A gorgeous bridal headpiece in pale gold or bright silver. An arrangement of golden pearlescent leaves and floral elements embellished with tiny pearls and crystals combine to create a sweet sensation.

Hannah is a gorgeous pale gold bridal headpiece. An arrangement of golden pearlescent leaves and floral elements embellished with tiny pearls and crystals.
Anita crown - bridal accessories from Vinka Design, Auckland


With glistening sprigs of crystal, Anita is an elegant tiara that will adorn your head with classical elegance. The leafy, crystal design pairs perfectly with a modern dress or an elegant up-do hairstyle.


Earrings serve as the frame to your face, drawing attention to your radiant smile and glowing eyes. Our collection of bridal earrings comes in a variety of styles, from elegant rose gold studs to dazzling Swarovski crystal drops.

Aurora Earrings & Necklace Set This set offers coordinated elegance.

Aurora bridal earring and necklace jewellery set

Antoinette Silver Earrings
These offer a classic and refined look.

Antoinette bridal earrings for a classic and refined look.

Aria Earrings
These are perfect for a minimalist yet elegant style.

Aria bridal earrings - drop earrings for wedding from Vinka Design Auckland


Gloves offer a touch of old-world charm and sophistication. Ideal for formal or vintage-themed weddings, our range of bridal gloves come in various lengths and materials to suit your style.


Whether you’re a boho bride dreaming of vines and florals or a classic bride leaning towards comb-fitted elegance, our headpieces are designed to complement a variety of hairstyles and gowns. Our collection of bridal headpieces includes diverse styles to match any bridal look.

Featured Pieces:

Bria Side Comb
An exquisite floral, art-deco-style hair piece in radiant rhodium (dark silver). A side comb encrusted with crystal and embellished with stunning pearl details. 

Bria bridal hair piece, a side comb encrusted with crystal and embellished with stunning pearl details.

Iris Hairpin
A beautiful hairpin with a fine flower overlaid with a white effect. Pearls & sprigs of pearls surround the flower, an ideal choice for Bridesmaids or Flower girls. In gold and silver.

Iris is a small yet stunningly detailed headpiece. Comb fitting, featuring three delicate metal flowers in pearlescent gold coupled with gorgeous pearls.


Ah, the veil – the epitome of bridal mystique. At Vinka Design, we specialise in custom veils, allowing you to choose the length, style, and adornments that best match your gown and personal taste. Be inspired with our collection of veils, each meticulously crafted to complement your unique bridal style

Featured Veils:

Sage Veil
This veil adds a touch of understated elegance. Featuring hand sewn botanical embroidery that cascades from the crown of the head into a delicate train. Long in length and single tier.

Vinka Design Bridal Accessories - Bridal veil - Sage - custom made veil available from Vinka Design Auckland bridal store.

Lily Veil
The Lily veil offers a more elaborate & detailed design.  Featuring beautiful, beaded botanical embroidery, and richly hand appliquéd, silk flowers scattered throughout the length of the veil.

Vinka Design Bridal Accessories - Bridal veil - Lily - custom made veil available from Vinka Design Auckland bridal store.

A Note on Custom Veils

Your veil should be as unique as you are. That’s why we offer customisation options, allowing you to choose the perfect length, style, and adornments. Whether you envision a single-tier veil with pearl embellishments or a multi-tier masterpiece with lace trimmings, we can bring your vision to life.
Emery bridal wrap - bridal accessories from Vinka Design


For those chilly evenings or outdoor ceremonies, a wrap can be both functional and fashionable. Choose from our selection of luxurious bridal wraps to add a cosy yet chic layer to your bridal look. 

Accessory Styles

Our accessories come in a plethora of styles to suit every bride’s taste. Whether you’re drawn to the timeless elegance of pearls, the modern sheen of silver, or the warm glow of rose gold, our collection has something for everyone.

How to Choose Accessories Based on Your Wedding Gown

The key to perfect accessorising lies in the gown. For strapless or sweetheart necklines, consider a delicate necklace and stud earrings. If your gown features a V-neck, drop earrings and a pendant necklace would complement it beautifully. Remember, the goal is to achieve a balanced look where your gown and accessories enhance, rather than overshadow, each other.

Accessorising for Different Venues and Themes

The setting of your wedding can also influence your choice of accessories. For a beach wedding, consider floral headpieces and barefoot sandals. For a grand ballroom affair, opulent crowns and dramatic veils can add a touch of luxury.

Bridal accessories from Vinka Design, Auckland

In closing

Choosing the perfect accessories is an art form, one that requires a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of one’s own style. At Vinka Design, we’re committed to helping you find those perfect pieces that complete your bridal look in the most beautiful way possible.

There you have it – a comprehensive guide to choosing the perfect bridal accessories from Vinka Design. We hope this guide serves as a valuable resource in your journey towards creating a bridal look that’s uniquely yours.

Ready to find your perfect accessories? Book an appointment at our Auckland bridal Atelier, where our expert stylists are waiting to help you complete your dream bridal look.

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