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This spectacular gown has a delicate and dreamy feel to it, blending classic elements with a modern twist. The strapless bodice is structured to really enhance the smallness of the waist and the shape of the bust. The leaf lace is hand-appliquéd throughout the bodice and delicately trails down into the skirt, which has soft gathers falling down to a full train with the leaf design subtly showing through from the under layers of the skirt. For brides seeking a non-strapless look, this gown would look equally as beautiful customised with thin straps or an off-shoulder design.

Paired in photographs with our Ari headpiece.


Both front and back this gown is beautifully simple. The lace, which has a subtle silver thread mixed in with ivory tones, is richly appliqued to the bodice and gradually works down into the skirt. The waistline catches the eye with a simple belt, while the skirt’s stretch fit allows it to hug the body’s curves to perfection. Long slender lace sleeves and a high neck complete the look. This gown has an intricate bodice, so it’s better to keep it simple with the accessories. A long veil would be a stunning compliment to the gown, especially a plain single-tier or two-tier veil, but adding some lace to the bottom of the veil is always an option to make it into something extraordinary!


Delicate beaded leaf lace graces this beautiful gown. It is subtly worked in on the front of the bodice, but really comes into its own on the back thanks to the lace straps which are sheer on the skin and finish just above the waist. The lace then gradually winds down to the hipline. The skirt of the gown made in bridal crepe and cut in flattering panels which gently shape the hips and flare out to a beautiful yet simple train. Drop earrings would look stunning here, as would a long single-tier veil, but matching lace would also look gorgeous added onto the veil if you’re after a more dramatic look.


This gown is all about the elegance of lace, with its perfect fitted v-neckline, intricate bodice and long lace sleeves. The scallop lace is so beautiful over the wrist of the sleeves, especially with the lace gradually getting lighter as it goes up the arm. The back also has a scalloped edge which finishes low, just above the waistline. The simple fitted skirt is made in Bridal crepe and gently hugs the figure before falling into a simple train. The overall effect is stunning! Owing to the rich detail on the bodice, not a whole lot in terms of accessories is needed to complete the look, so simple earrings and a long veil would be perfect!


A dreamy combination of beaded lace and tulle adorns the bodice of this gorgeous gown. The back is beautifully highlighted by the lace edging the sides with perfect symmetry, which enhances the shape of the waist. The skirt made in bridal crepe falls elegantly to a train. While the gown has a modern feel thanks to the sheer tulle and deep v-neckline, its design is also very timeless, making drop earrings and a simple single-tier veil perfect accessories for this look.


This divine gown features a richly beaded lace bodice as one of its many highlights. The deep v-neckline and wide shoulders enhance the smallness of the waist, while the back has its own exciting features in the form of its keyhole design and low fit just above the waist. These elements are balanced with a beautiful slim crepe skirt which falls into a graceful train. Drop earrings and a long, simple, single-tier veil would look fabulous with this gown, but a two-tier veil would also look stunning if you want more drama!


This gorgeous gown is hand appliqued with two complimentary laces on a nude tulle base, which creates a striking effect. Delicate cap sleeves flatter the arms whilst also drawing the eye to the slenderness of the waist. It has a low back edged with lace that cinches in the waist and is carefully styled to delicately finish into the dramatic skirt. Two deep pockets add utility as well as an element of fun to the gown. The style of this gown is quite classic, so go all the way with a long statement veil. Most earrings will look stunning with this gown, but drop earrings are a standout.   


Soft and dreamy, this gorgeous halter-necked gown shows the shoulders off beautifully.  Delicate ties secure the gown behind the neck and embellish the gorgeous sheer lace back. A dreamy fluid chiffon skirt takes the width of the hips and gently falls to a beautiful train. With its laid-back feel and light, flowing fabric, this gown is perfect for a summery beach wedding. A veil wouldn’t be necessary but they can add a great sense of drama into the look – and besides, you can always take it off after the ceremony to show off your gorgeous shoulders!


Feminine yet bold, this gown flatters the figure to perfection with its high neckline and low back in gorgeous silver-edged ivory lace. Elegant pearl buttons finish the long fitted lace sleeves, giving the gown that extra attention to detail that helps tie the whole look together. The skirt is luxurious silk chiffon over a viscose skirt base, which has beautiful movement and falls into a graceful train. Simple accessories are best here, with our personal favourite being a drop earring paired with a long single-tier veil to match.


A dramatic gown with a clean, deep v-neckline framing the front and a squared low back. This is accompanied by a spectacular skirt of cut ribboned satin. A simple yet elegant belt finishes the look of this magnificent gown to perfection. Because the skirt is so dramatic a shorter veil would balance the look out nicely, especially when paired with some statement earrings. A wider belt or a contrasting belt could also be used to bring an added flair to the gown.

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