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‘Dress of My Dreams’ Article in Viva Magazine

I recently had the honour of being asked by Viva to partake in an article about bridal trends! It came out in the Wednesday 23rd September Weddings Edition of the Viva magazine that comes with the New Zealand Herald. I was asked to comment on how bridal trends have changed in recent years, how fashion trends influence bridal trends and some tips for when to look and what to look for when it comes to choosing a gown, so if you’re interested it’s worth checking out! Here’s what I wrote:

What are the key trends for wedding dresses?

Nude effect with sheer, soft layers, low backs, sleeves are starting to make a comeback, and of course, lace. Having said that, heavier satins are starting to make a comeback and dupion silk. Of course, the main colour in bridal will always be ivory, however ivory over a nude base is amazing. Several really strong looks are the fitted gown – showing the body shape (often in full lace or embroidery), fitted bodices with soft layers of dreamy chiffon or tulle (necklines and sleeves really feature here), and the boho look often in lace with unstructured layers and low backs.

Do fashion trends affect bridal dresses?

Yes, I think there is an influence there, lace is very strong in fashion so brides are more open and excited to be using these gorgeous fabrics in their gowns. Also fashion styling, hair and makeup are big influences. Having said that, there is more personal style coming through with today’s brides, being more open to doing their own thing.

What about bridal accessory trends right now?

Veils feature strongly, mainly long and fine, often lace-trimmed. Headpieces – beaded and woven into the hair, or fresh flowers either as leis or again, woven into the hair.

How have dress trends changed in recent years?

Brides have more confidence, so are more comfortable showing skin. Necklines and silhouettes have changed to reflect this.

How early should a bride start looking for her gown?

I personally think six months out is good, it gives us plenty of time to create a gown, but whatever works for each bride is fine with us. Most have the perception that they have to start early – at least nine months out, but because our gowns are hand-created here in New Zealand, the lead-in time is much less.

What do you always ask a bride when she is looking for the perfect gown?

I try and find out her sense of style. Working with this and her figure, it’s easy to come up with some exciting options. Venue and location also help as the gown has to perform for the bride. Also, budget can be a handbrake.

What piece of advice to you always pass on to your customers?

You will never forget your gown, how you looked and felt. Make it special.

Several other designers in New Zealand were asked to contribute to the article as well so if you want to see what they say you’ll have to check out the magazine article here.

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