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Adriatic Amara: A Journey Back to Vinka Design’s Croatian Roots

A Dream Materialised

Ah, Croatia! A land of captivating beauty and rich history, where the azure waves of the Adriatic Sea kiss the sun-soaked coastline. For Vinka Design, it’s more than just a picturesque destination, it’s home. It has always been a cherished dream to return to our roots and capture our bridal collection against the mesmerising backdrop of Croatia. That dream has finally turned into an unforgettable reality with the Adriatic Amara collection. 

So, sit back, pour yourself a glass of fine Croatian wine, and prepare to be transported through a world of fluid textures, dramatic details, and sculptural silhouettes, all designed to grace your individuality.

Introducing Franka, a versatile bridal choice. Wedding gown with off-shoulder straps, beaded gloves, and a detachable overskirt adorned with beaded lace. By Vinka Design

Part 1: The Journey Back Home

Why Croatia?

The Adriatic Amara collection is not just a collection; it’s a tribute to our heritage. Croatia, with its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural tapestry, has been a perennial source of inspiration for Vinka Design. From the intricate lacework of Pag Island to the baroque architecture of Dubrovnik, the essence of Croatia flows through our design veins.

Rosana - bridal gown that embodies timeless elegance. Features satin organza, a strapless bodice, sweeping train, and hand-crafted rosette. By Vinka Design

The Backdrop: Cavtat, The Hidden Gem

Why Cavtat, you ask? Nestled just a stone’s throw away from the bustling city of Dubrovnik, Cavtat offers an idyllic escape. Imagine narrow, enchanting alleys, centuries-old architecture, crystal-clear waters, and streets adorned with vibrant bougainvillaea. It’s as if the universe conspired to provide the perfect canvas for our collection. Indeed, Cavtat was not just a location but an active participant in bringing the soul of Adriatic Amara to life.

Part 2: The Gowns Unveiled

A Glimpse Behind the Seams: The Dresses and Their Stories

Each gown in the Adriatic Amara collection is a unique symphony, composed not just of fabric, beads, and lace, but also of history, culture, and the ethereal beauty of the Croatian coast. We invite you to be a part of this beautiful journey, to find that perfect note, that perfect gown, that sings to your soul.

Vita, an artisanal bridal gown blending timeless elegance with modern design. Features fit & flare silk base, corseted bodice, and detachable sleeves.

The Dreamy Morning with Vita

Our journey through the Adriatic Amara collection began at the crack of dawn in the Old Town marina. The serene waters and the calm of the town created a magical atmosphere that breathed life into Vita. The gown’s timeless elegance was accentuated by the morning’s soft light, capturing the luxurious silk satin and delicate pearl detailing in a way that can only be described as ethereal.

Discover more about Vita

The Bougainvillaea Romance: Rosanna and Petra

While scouting locations, we stumbled upon a treasure trove of bougainvillaea sprawling over an entranceway—too captivating to resist. Both Rosanna and Petra found their moment under this vibrant canopy. As the camera clicked, it felt as if the flowers and the dresses were in a beautiful dialogue, each amplifying the other’s grandeur.

Explore the Rosanna gown

Explore the Petra gown

Petra, a bridal gown where modern romance meets artistry. Features a hoop skirt, Japanese fused satin, and laser-cut embroidered lace.

The Colourful Streets of Old Town Cavtat: Bianca and Nika

Wandering through the narrow, winding streets of Old Town Cavtat, the Bianca and Nika gowns found their perfect backdrop. A wall splashed with grapefruit pink paint for Bianca and burnt orange hues for Nika created a vivid contrast that truly made the dresses pop. These moments reminded us that sometimes beauty lies in the unexpected places.

Learn more about Bianca

Learn more about Nika

Meet Kata, a short length wedding gown that is an icon of 60's glamour. Features a high neckline, wide collar, iridescent beads & botanical lace on a satin base.

The Winds of Change: Kata

The initial plan to photograph Kata faced nature’s whims—strong winds and blinding sunlight. But as we explored the marina’s other side, behind the historic architecture of Cavtat’s main street, we found a spot that was just perfect. It’s as if Kata was waiting for this place all along, and the iridescent beads on the botanical lace shone even brighter here.

Find out more about Kata

The Serendipitous Locations: Adriana

While seeking shade, we found a narrow alleyway adorned with a decadent white door—just the secluded sanctuary we needed for Adriana. The gown’s rich iridescent beaded lace and high neckline found a perfect echo in this hidden gem of a location.

Uncover Adriana’s elegance

Adriana, a couture wedding gown that embodies regal romance. Features iridescent beaded lace, high neckline, cap sleeves, and a detachable, beaded overskirt. Vinka Design
Antonia, a bridal gown with drama & detail. Features 3D lace, a semi-sheer bodice, and layers of pleated silk draping on a ball gown silhouette. By Vinka Design

The Surprise Location: Antonia

It’s not every day you get to say you found the perfect photoshoot location atop a neighbour’s garage. But for Antonia, this unexpected spot turned out to be nothing short of spectacular. Antonia’s layers of pleated, rolled-edged silk seemed to dance in the wind, perfectly complementing the dramatic backdrop of the Croatian sky. 

Learn more about Antonia

A Church Romance: Marija

While scouting the winding streets of Cavtat, we stumbled upon a romantic, old-world church. Its stone staircase and solemn facade turned out to be the ideal backdrop for Marija, a gown defined by its regal elegance and voluminous layers of dazzling dupion silk.

Discover the Marija Gown

Discover Marija, a layered dupion silk wedding gown of regal romance. Features a scoop neckline, draped bodice, detachable sleeves, and bow.
Discover Gabriela, a gown for the romantic bride. Features 3D beaded lace, cap sleeves, a V-neckline, and layers of tulle on a satin organza base. Vinka Design.

Sun-Drenched Archways: Gabriela

Our search for the perfect lighting led us to ancient archways, where the sun gracefully danced on the textured stones. It was here that Gabriela, with its refined floral lace and delicate cap sleeves, found its home. The gown seemed to absorb the golden rays, adding a layer of ethereal drama to its already enchanting aura.

Explore the Gabriela gown

Two Worlds, One Gown: Natalia

Natalia was a gown destined to shine in contrasting lights. Shot in the same locale as Vita but 12 hours apart, the gown was framed first by the morning’s soft tones and later by the golden hues of sunset. This duality perfectly encapsulated Natalia’s blend of opulence and modernity.

Unveil Natalia’s versatility

The Natalia wedding gown, epitomizing modern bridal design. Features a one-shouldered bodice, 3D lace, and a sheath lace overlay on a sculptural nude base. Vinka Design
Ljubica, a fairy tale wedding dress in 3D lace. Ballgown silhouette featuring a structured corset bodice, off-shoulder detailing& layers of sparkling tulle.

Fairy Tales Come to Life: Ljubica

In a side street graced with historic charm, we found the perfect setting for Ljubica. Here, the gown’s three-dimensional lace and sparkling tulle seemed to tell a vivid fairy tale against the backdrop of ancient architecture. It was as if the dress and the surroundings were narrating a timeless story together.

Learn more about Ljubica

Simplicity Meets Elegance: Vanesa

Our exploration led us to a decommissioned plaza adorned with white, ornate iron chairs—a spot so simple, yet so fitting for Vanesa. As the camera clicked, the gown’s clean lines and minimalist design seemed to resonate with the locale’s understated elegance.

Learn more about Vanesa

Introducing Vanesa, a gown for brides valuing minimalism. Features a square neckline, basque cut bodice, and stretch crepe fabric with a low back.

The Artful Touch: Mara

For Mara, the cobblestone streets offered natural air conditioning while providing a stunning backdrop of arches. This complemented the dramatic folds and drapes of the gown, accentuating the bodice and fit and flare base.

Discover Mara’s unique look

Morning and Evening Glow: Franka

Franka, on the other hand, had two stories. Day one saw her in the morning sun, and day two offered golden hues of the setting sun—a captivating setting for a gown with so many layers of intricacy.

See Franka in a new light

Part 3: Behind the Scenes

The Early Risers

Vita was our very first muse, captured at the break of dawn in Old Town marina. The serene morning light and calm waters became a living part of the gown itself, imbuing it with an ethereal glow that no studio lighting could replicate.

The Unplanned Perfect Shot

Franka had two photoshoot stories. Initially photographed without her stunning overskirt—a forgetful moment that turned into a serendipitous stroke of luck—the gown got a second chance to shine in the golden hues of the setting sun.

Neighbouring Surprises

Who knew the roof of a neighbour’s garage in Cavtat could serve as the stage for the grandeur of Antonia? Sometimes, magic hides in the most unexpected places, waiting for the perfect moment to reveal itself.

Part 4: The Versatility: Multi-Way Wearing

One of the most magical aspects of the Adriatic Amara collection is its focus on versatility, particularly through multi-way wearing options. But what exactly does multi-way wearing mean in the world of bridal fashion?

Multi-way wearing refers to the design of bridal gowns that can be worn in multiple styles or configurations. This could mean detachable sleeves, skirts, or even transforming necklines. With a few adjustments, your gown morphs into a completely different look, giving you the flexibility to change your appearance between the ceremony, reception, and any other events you may have planned.

The Benefits of Multi-Way Wearing

  • Adaptability – Imagine walking down the aisle in a voluminous ball gown and then effortlessly converting it into a sleek silhouette for the evening dance. Multi-way gowns offer this adaptability, enabling you to experience different looks without needing to buy multiple dresses.
  • Personalisation – Your wedding day is a reflection of you, and a multi-way gown allows you to express multiple facets of your personality. You can go from demure and romantic for the vows to fun and flirtatious for the reception. This not only captivates your guests but also gives you the freedom to enjoy the festivities in a style that feels most ‘you’ at any given moment.
  • Travel-Friendly – For destination weddings, the logistics of carrying multiple outfits can be daunting. A multi-way gown simplifies this process, allowing you to bring various styles without the bulk.
  • Future Wearability – The beauty of a multi-way gown is that its components can often be worn again, unlike a traditional wedding dress that might find its way to the back of your closet after your big day. Detachable skirts or sleeves can be paired with other pieces for future events, making the gown a lasting investment.

Multi-Way Wearing in Our Adriatic Amara Collection

Many gowns in our collection exemplify this philosophy of versatility. For example, ‘Franka’ offers options from off-shoulder straps to iridescent beaded gloves, allowing brides to customise their look on the go. ‘Marija’ comes with detachable sleeves and a detachable bow, enabling a quick transition from a formal ceremony to a relaxed reception.

In essence, multi-way wearing is not just a design feature but an embodiment of modern bridal needs. It recognizes the multi-dimensional aspects of today’s brides – women who are dynamic, practical, yet every bit as dreamy and romantic. By offering this versatility, we aim to give every bride the opportunity to not just find but also create her dream gown.

So, as you sift through the Adriatic Amara collection, know that each gown is a canvas, waiting for you to add your unique touch. It’s not just a dress; it’s a spectrum of possibilities.

A Love Letter to Croatia and Brides-to-Be

Our journey back to Croatia has been nothing short of poetic, a love letter to the land that inspired us and to you, our radiant brides-to-be. We hope that the Adriatic Amara collection serves as a fountain of inspiration for your own unique love story.

Epilogue: The Legacy Continues…

As the sun sets over the Adriatic Sea, we can’t help but feel a sense of fulfilment and anticipation. The Adriatic Amara collection marks not an end, but a new chapter in our design journey. We can’t wait to see how you, our brides-to-be, will write your own stories in these gowns.

Ready to find the gown that speaks to your soul? Explore the full Adriatic Amara collection on our website. Book an consultation to experience the magic firsthand, and don’t forget to follow us on social media for the latest fairy tales we’re spinning.

Come, be a part of our dream and start your journey today as a Vinka Bride. Your aisle is your runway, and it deserves the legacy of Adriatic Amara.

Until next time,
The Vinka Design Team

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